Asset Protection in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein continues to be a suitable location for asset protection. Liechtenstein law offers interesting possibilities for asset protection. Moreover, Liechtenstein is rather hostile to recognition of foreign judgments.

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Foundations and Trusts

Foundations and trusts located in Liechtenstein, with their assets located or administered in Liechtenstein, are extensively protected by law against access by foreign state structures and attempted access by legal or private persons.

The prerequisite for the effectiveness of the protection of the “asset protection structure” is that it is genuine and that the founder or trustor does not reserve too much influence through rights of revocation or comprehensive rights of amendment. There are sufficient other ways to retain control.

  • We advise you and design non-appealable articles of association and by-laws that meet your need for security.

Precautionary measures and asset protection structures

In addition to the choice of location and legal form (e.g. foundation and trust in Liechtenstein), there are a number of other arrangements to protect your assets from being seized by creditors, ex-spouses, beneficiaries of a compulsory portion or the tax office:

  • Limited liability legal forms for entrepreneurs
  • Contractual liability avoidance for company organs Exclusion of liability reduction
  • Shifting of assets to family members Asset transfer Donation
  • Formation of non-attachable assets
  • Tax-optimising arrangements
  • Drafting of marriage contracts and change of matrimonial property regime Family law measures
  • Inheritance law arrangements

Our advice: Act in good time before liability arises. Our internationally experienced lawyers will advise you and implement the necessary measures for you.

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