Estate Planning, Securing, Settlement in Liechtenstein

Inheritance law in Liechtenstein corresponds in its essential features to that of the other German-speaking countries. It was originally adopted from Austria. Liechtenstein does not levy any estate, inheritance or gift tax. Double taxation agreements have been concluded with the main countries.

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Estate Planning | Succession Planning | Design Options

Every legally permissible testator’s will can be implemented in a legally precise and binding manner. In the practice of succession and estate planning, anything is possible and can be designed. You specify your wishes – we show the legal way and implement your ideas.

Classical inheritance/estate planning is carried out by will, inheritance contract, donation and execution of a will or by changing the asset structure and making parts of the assets independent (companies, foundations, trusts).

The aim of estate planning is the strict implementation of the testator’s will, reliable provisions, asset protection and the avoidance of conflicts.

  • In order to achieve these goals, we advise and assist our international clients in the following structuring options:
    Wills/testamentary contracts, bequests, disinheritance, bequests, estate planning with conditions, execution of wills, estate planning with execution of wills, estate planning with waiver of compulsory portion, estate planning by withdrawal of compulsory portion, estate planning by choice of law, estate planning by formation of family pool/family company, foundation, trust, asset restructuring and tax-optimised choice of legal form.
  • We advise our clients on the options available to them for optimally and securely implementing their wills and wishes in Liechtenstein in an international context.

Securing an estate | Settling an estate

An estate in Liechtenstein is protected by several legal regulations against improper access by third parties. A clear, far-sighted, skilful drafting of powers of attorney, contracts and articles of association, the involvement of controlling bodies and the arrangement of an execution of a will upon death are decisive.

  • Our licensed professionals assist our clients in the drafting of contracts and are available in control functions (protector) and as executor or permanent executor.

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