International Tax Advice & Legal Advice in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has now concluded a large number of double taxation agreements. A clever combination and selection of agreements with Liechtenstein tax advantages often leads in practice to a considerable optimisation or avoidance of taxes.

In certain cases, a tax ruling is also possible in Liechtenstein. In any holistic international tax strategy development, the regulations of the foreign tax law in the third countries and the mechanisms of the automatic exchange of information are also important.

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  • We integrate foreign matters into Liechtenstein corporate structures, tax returns and balance sheets in compliance with compliance guidelines.
  • Our core competencies are tax planning and succession planning, structuring of family and business assets with trusts and foundations.
  • Our lawyers advise on Liechtenstein and international business law, corporate law, commercial law, banking law, contract law, family law, inheritance law and estate planning, trademark and patent law, due diligence, antitrust and competition law.
  • We support you in asset protection and defence of legal assistance cases and inform you about everything you should not do, the dangers and pitfalls of letterbox constructions, insubstantial companies and fake trusts.
  • On request, we take over compliance and due diligence and represent you in criminal tax cases.

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