Family Office Service

With our FAMILY OFFICE SERVICE we advise, support and accompany clients on a long term, holistic and comprehensive basis on financial matters and personal, legal and tax concerns.

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Asset planning | Asset structuring | Asset accumulation | Asset protection

The tax and legal environment as well as your personal circumstances, needs, expectations and goals change over time. We keep your wealth planning up to date and help you find the right solution to preserve your wealth for you, your family and future generations.

  • Financial planning: we outline concrete measures to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Asset structuring: we advise and support necessary restructuring of your asset structure in case of changes in your environment.
  • Retirement and pension planning: we focus on your retirement security in all your decisions.
  • Asset protection: we protect you and your assets against access by third parties

Private Financial Secretariat | Our Services

The financial secretariat supports you in all financial matters:

  • Archiving, preparation and sorting of financial correspondence and tax documents
  • Financial reporting on securities holdings and investments
  • Preparation of private balance sheets, income and expenditure statements
  • Support with liquidity reports, tax reports
  • Support and preparation of payment transactions

Execution of wills | transfer of assets to subsequent generations

The executor is the extended arm and trustee of the testator and instrument of post-mortem power. He or she ensures that the testator’s dispositions at death are carried out and that the assets arrive there as determined by the testator.

You can designate one of our experienced, licensed attorneys or tax advisors as your executor. We offer two types of executorship:

  • Settlement executorship – designed to transfer the estate to the heirs quickly and in an orderly manner, in accordance with legal and testamentary provisions.
  • Permanent execution of wills with immediate implementation of the testamentary disposition and permanent administration of the estate assets.

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Cooperation with asset managers and banking institutions

We work together with a network of renowned asset managers and banking institutions in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • If you wish, we can introduce you to our network and take over financial controlling for you.

Advice and support in private matters (e.g. change of residence, family law)

We advise and support you in private matters in case of change of your living environment such as change of residence, change of employment, marriage, divorce, etc.

What are the tax consequences of your move to a third country (exit taxation and other foreign tax regulations in the country of departure)?

What are the asset risks in case of marriage, divorce? What preventive measures should be taken? Solution variants of special family law problems such as disinheritance, maintenance, settlement?

Asset management | Controlling

We undertake asset management for individuals and legal persons only insofar as the structure itself is concerned. We do not do portfolio management, provide investment advice or place orders on behalf of the client. We do, however, recommend licensed asset managers and banking institutions and assist the client in mandating and monitoring international real estate investments, participations, creditors, debtors and asset transfers.

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